Create a folder by mkdir statement in VBA

create folder or directory using vba


To create a folder in VBA .


Here we are first checking if the folder already exists, if it does not exist then we are using mkdir command to create the folder.


  1. Declare and define a variable which has the path where folder will be created
  2. Check if the folder already exists using Dir method.
  3. If folder does not exist, then create the folder using mkdir command
  4. If folder already exists, then display the message that folder already exists.


Sub CreateFolder()
Dim MyFolderName As String
'Path where the folder will be created
MyFolderName = "C:\Users\YourUserName\Desktop\macro\Final\MyCreatedFolder"
'Check if the folder already exists, Here Dir function with vbDirectory returns the name of the folder [which is MyFolderName here]
If Dir(MyFolderName, vbDirectory) = "" Then
'Create a folder using mkdir command
MkDir MyFolderName
' Display a message box if folder already exists
MsgBox "Folder Already Exists"
End If
End Sub



(1) You can customize below code if you want to save your files at a particular folder.
(2) You can make your folder name dynamic, by taking the input from user by input box in VBA.



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