Delete all the text boxes on a slide using VBA

Delete text box from a slide using vba in ppt


To delete all the text boxes on a slide using VBA.


Herein we have two command buttons and some text boxes on the slide 1 of PowerPoint presentation, so we are trying to delete all the text boxes, while preventing the command buttons from deletion.

A catch in code execution !

The catch here is that, if we have 5 shapes and we deleted 3rd shape i.e. shape (3), then next shape i.e. shape (4)
will be referred as shape (3) now, because its previous shape has been deleted, in simple terms once a shape is deleted, its next shape will take its shape index. So, all the other shapes will have shape index which will be 1 less as compared to its original shape index. For e.g. if shape (3) is deleted then shape (8) will now be referred as shape (7). We have used variable “shpNumber” to handle this case.

Same thing can be verified by debugging the VBA code while deleting the shapes one by one. 

In the beginning slide 1 had 3 text boxes.We had a “Delete Text Box”  command button, which has the below shown VBA code assigned. Refer to image below.


Delete image from power point slide using VBA


As we click the delete button which is shown below, all the text boxes will be deleted from slide 1, while both the command buttons will not be deleted.We can see the same in image shown below.


delete text box from slide using vba in ppt


Below code achieves two functionalities –

1. Delete all text boxes
2. Prevent the command buttons from deletion


  1. Declare variable for shape
  2. Loop through all the shapes in slide 1
  3. Check if the selected shape has text frame
  4. If the selected shape has text frame , then delete
  5. If shape has no text frame, then move to next shape


Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Dim shpCount As Double
Dim osld As Shapes
Set osld = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes
shpNumber = 1
For shpCount = 1 To osld.Count
    If ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(shpNumber).HasTextFrame Then
        shpNumber = shpNumber + 1
    End If
Next shpCount
End Sub



We can also delete other power point objects using the similar technique.This VBA code can be written in the module as well, or it can be allocated to a shape. It is dependent on the scenario. 

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