Insert or Add Signature In Outlook

add signature outlook

How to Insert or Add Signature In Outlook?


In this post, we shall see how to add a signature in Microsoft Outlook.

Steps 1

Open Outlook and click on the “New Mail” button in the ribbon.


add signature outlook


Step 2

Click on the  “Message” tab as shown in the image below. Then in the opened ribbon click on “Signature” as shown below. A small dropdown will show “Signatures” button, just click on it.


Add signature outlook


Step 3

Now, another window will open up. Click on “New” button as shown below. Then type any name for the signature you want to create. Here I have used “My Official Signature” as an example. Click on “Ok” button.This will be used when you want to import the signature in the mail. We shall show it later in this post.


add signature outlook


Step 4

Enter the text whatever you want to display in the signature as shown below. You can also format the text using formatting options like change color, font size, etc, as shown below. Select the “My Official Signature” in the drop-down for “New message” or “Replies/forwards” as shown below.  With this whenever you will send a new message or reply to a mail, a signature will be added automatically in the mail body

This was the last step to create the signature in outlook.


add signature outlook


Step 5

Once you are done with the above steps,  click on “New Mail” as shown above in step 1. You will see the signature you have just created.  A signature will be automatically added when you reply to any mail or send any new mail.


add signature outlook

So, this was the overall process to create a signature in the Outlook.


  1. You can create more than 1 signature in Outlook
  2. You can change or modify the signature later