Save multiple PowerPoint presentation (.pptx) as a separate pdf file in VBA Excel

Save multiple ppt pdf vba


To save multiple PowerPoint presentation as a separate pdf file in VBA Excel.


In this PowerPoint automation ,we are converting multiple PowerPoint presentations to pdf file. To do so, we select a source folder by dialog box. This source folder contains all the .pptx files. After that, we select a target folder, where all the output pdf files will be saved. All the slides in each PowerPoint will be converted to pdf file, which means each slide will be transformed to a single pdf page.

VBA code is written in a macro file (.xlsm), where we have created a command button. This command button is linked with the below shown VBA code.



1.Add the required library reference as shown in the image below.
2.Display a message box to select the source data folder using dialog box
3.We have used FileDialog method to select the source data folder
4.Save the name of folder in OpenPptFilesFolder using “.SelectedItems(1)” property of FileDialog method
5.Similarly select the target folder, where we want to save the output pdf files
6.Loop through each .pptx file in the source data folder.
7.Use ExportAsFixedFormat method to save the .pptx files in pdf format in target folder
8. Close the PowerPoint application.



Sub ExportPPTSlidesToPDF()
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

Dim obPptApp As PowerPoint.Application
Dim OpenPptDialogBox As Object
Dim SavePdfDialogBox As Object
Dim OpenPptFilesFolder As String
Dim MyPptFile As String
Dim MyOpenedPpt As PowerPoint.Presentation
Dim PptActualLocation As String
Dim MyPdfFileActualName As String

Set obPptApp = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
Set OpenPptDialogBox = obPptApp.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
Set SavePdfDialogBox = obPptApp.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)

'Select input data folder
MsgBox ("Select a  --SOURCE data folder -- where  input ppt files are located")
Set OpenPptDialogBox = obPptApp.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)

If OpenPptDialogBox.Show = -1 Then
OpenPptFilesFolder = OpenPptDialogBox.SelectedItems(1)
End If

'Select output folder

Windows(ThisWorkbook.Name).Visible = True

AppActivate Application.Caption

MsgBox ("Select a --TARGET folder i.e. where output  PDF files will be saved")
If SavePdfDialogBox.Show = -1 Then
SavePdfFilesFolder = SavePdfDialogBox.SelectedItems(1)
End If

'Looping through only pptx file in input folder or source data
MyPptFile = Dir(OpenPptFilesFolder & "\*.pptx")
While MyPptFile <> ""
    PptActualLocation = OpenPptFilesFolder & "\" & MyPptFile
    Set MyOpenedPpt = obPptApp.Presentations.Open(PptActualLocation)
    MyPdfFileActualName = SavePdfFilesFolder & "\" & Replace(obPptApp.ActivePresentation.Name, "pptx", "pdf")
    obPptApp.ActivePresentation.ExportAsFixedFormat MyPdfFileActualName, FixedFormatType:=ppFixedFormatTypePDF
    MyPptFile = Dir

'Close the ppt

End Sub


First we shall add the libraries in VB editor as shown below.


Save multiple ppt pdf vba


To demonstrate this code, we had created 2 folders.One folder contains the source ppt files, while the other folder is created to contain output pdf files.


Save multiple ppt pdf vba


We have assigned this macro code to command button in the macro(xlsm) file.[Ref. to image below].We shall click on this command button to execute this macro code.Once we click on this button, a dialog box will appear, there we need to select the source file folder. Then another dialog box will appear, and now we shall select the output folder.Please see the code mentioned in this post.


Save multiple ppt pdf vba


Before executing the VBA code, source folder had 2 ppt files,our aim is to convert these 2 ppt files into pdf files.


Save multiple ppt pdf vba

Once the code finishes its execution, both the ppt files have been converted into pdf files now. Both the converted pdf files are saved in output folder as we can see in the image below.



Save multiple ppt pdf vba



1. We can also declare the variables for source folder and target folders in the code, but using a dialog box
akesĀ  it more dynamic.
2. There are multiple options which are available, by using those options we can customize the saving option
according to our need.



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