Simple and Best Way To Learn VBA Excel –

Simple and Best Way To Learn VBA Excel

Well if you intend to learn VBA Excel, then there are few ways in which you can learn it. Additionally, I shall try to answer different questions about VBA Excel.

So, below are the steps you need to take to learn VBA Excel.

Follow a good YouTube channel for VBA Excel

When I say follow a good YouTube channel for VBA, I want you to follow any channel which has videos that provide good conceptual knowledge. Just watch a few introductory and simple videos where basic tasks are shown. Initially, you will need to browse through a few channels, but once you finalize a channel, try to stick with it. It will make your learning process very easy if you can see how does VBA Excel works. In my opinion ‘Wise Owl” s a good YouTube channel, though you can choose any channel of your choice.

Pick up a task to automate in VBA Excel

Once you have watched the initial basic videos of  VBA, then you need to think of a task which you do regularly in your daily job. Let us say you start with a simple task to copy the data from one file to another. Then do a google search for different VBA codes for opening a file, copy the data, paste the data, save and close the file

Following this approach, you can simply move ahead from automating simple tasks to complex tasks. On “Stackoverflow” you can find the majority of codes you may require.

Learn to modify the code

You will find the code for the task you intend to do, but you will need to modify the code which you find on the web. You need to tweak the code you have found; there will be cases when you will find a very big code snippet, then you need to identify the part of the code which you need to use.

Always try to create a project which is helpful in saving your time in your day to day tasks. Another thing is that you will find bugs in the code you have written, which you will find when you will get the discrepancy in the data. So, don’t worry about them, fix them as they come.

Debug the code

Always debug your code, step by step, it will give you more clarity on the code flow and how values of variables change. Sooner you will become adept at debugging you code.

Now I shall try to answer a few questions on VBA Excel, which you may like to know –

(1) Is learning VBA Excel worth it?

Ans. It depends upon your profile, if you work extensively on MS Excel then it is always beneficial to learn VBA, as knowing VBA will give you edge against others if you appear for an interview.

(2) Is leaning VBA Excel enough?

Ans. I will suggest to learn SQL along with VBA Excel, because many times you will extract the data from the SQL database like Oracle or SQL Server. and create a report or manipulate the data. At that time you can use VBA.

(3) Is VBA Excel in demand?

Ans. There are job opportunities in VBA excel, but it’s not a primary skill that most of the companies require. It is an additional skill that is good to have.

(4)  What I can learn if not VBA ?

Ans.  I shall suggest to learn Tableau because that is in demand and many companies are using that. In monetary terms you can make more money if you learn Tableau, than VBA.